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A surcharge is levied on a person when he or she regularly violates traffic rules. In this article, I will be explaining to you how you can clear NJSurcharge bills. The New Jersey Surcharge(NJSurcharge) bills are causing thousands of people to pay up an extra hundred dollars in fines. The reason behind this is most people don’t understand these confusing laws. They lack critical information which could save them hundreds of dollars every year. I have written down all the important information you need to know to clear your NJsurcharge bills online using the NJSVS.

The New Jersey Surcharge Violation System has been put up in place to fine surcharges to traffic rules violators. The information I’ll be providing you is very critical. If you skip reading the information given on this page, you might end up paying hundreds of dollars in extra fines!

What is Surcharge?

Before we move on to clearing your surcharge bills, let us understand what a surcharge actually is.

A surcharge can be termed as an extra charge or fine added to the stated price of goods or services. The surcharge can be added on top of the existing tax bracket and the standalone price of the product or service. Different types of surcharges exist for different products.

NJSurcharge Payment

The New Jersey Surcharge Violation System fines drivers who are found violating the laws set in place by them. This specific fine is known as NJSurcharge. The NJSVS is an online database of surcharge violations by commuters in the state of New Jersey. The NJsurcharge system fines drivers who are found violating traffic rules. For every rule that is broken an extra point is added to the driver’s charge sheet. The final score of the points determines the number of surcharge fines that need to be paid.

How is NJ Surcharge Calculated?

The NJSurcharge system is quite complicated. If you are able to fully understand and grasp how the NJSVS system works, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars in fines every year.

The NJsurcharge system is simple in nature. According to the NJSVS rules, the amount of fine you pay for a traffic violation depends on the nature of the violation. If it is a meager violation, you are asked to pay a minor amount. However, if it is the opposite, you will be charged with a hefty fine.

For every traffic violation you commit in a year, you have to pay an annual fine for all the accumulated violations. The fine amount depends on the severity of your traffic violations. Below are the major traffic violations you need to avoid:

  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Lack of Vehicle Insurance
  • Rash Driving
  • Expired/Suspended Driving License
  • Expired Vehicle Registration

The surcharge for driving while intoxicated is $1000 per year. If you are caught driving while intoxicated for the third time, you will be charged with a surcharge of $1500/year.

If you are driving with a suspended driving license, you will be fined a surcharge of $250 every year. Driving with an expired driving license accumulates a surcharge of $100 every year.

The surcharge for refusing to take a blood alcohol test is $1000 per year.

I hope you now understand the severity of not paying your surcharge bills and flouting traffic rules. By following traffic rules and guidelines, you will be saving yourself hundreds and thousands of dollars every year. Do the opposite and you will be losing hundreds and thousands of dollars every year.

Methods to Pay NJSurcharge Online

The NJSurcharge can be paid online by visiting the NJSVS portal. Follow the steps given below carefully to clear your NJMCdirect Surcharge bills as quickly as possible!

  1. Launch your preferred web browser and go to
  2. On the homepage, enter your Driver’s License Number, Surcharge Number, Judgement Number, Installment Payment Plan Number, or Notice Number. Fill out your Date of Birth and click on the Submit button.
  3. The surcharge amount that needs to be paid will be shown to you. Click on the proceed button to pay your surcharge fines.
  4. Enter your online payment details such as your credit card or debit card details to finish the payment process.

The NJMCdirect Surcharge can also be paid via cash. To pay your surcharge by cash, you can visit any Western Union location in New Jersey or nationwide.

Due to some unforeseen reason, if you are not able to pay your NJMCdirect surcharge online, you have the option to pay it via telephone. To pay your surcharge via telephone, call the toll-free number: (844) 424-6829

If you would like to pay your NJSurcharge via check or money order, it is certainly possible to do that.

Write a check or money order payable to NJSVS, and forward it to the following postal address.

P.O. Box 1502
Moorestown, NJ 08057-9704

Is Not Working

The web portal was running on outdated technologies. The New Jersey courts decided that it would be beneficial for commuters of New Jersey to avail an upgraded surcharge payment portal. The new surcharge portal is located on the Official New Jersey State website. The portal is surprisingly fast. The portal is running on the latest technologies. The NJsurcharge portal is secure and thus protects the privacy and payment information of New Jersey commuters using it.

Do not forget to pay your surcharge bills as they will keep on accumulating every year. It is best to clear them than to have a huge debt on your shoulders in the future.