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If you are found flouting traffic rules, you are charged with a traffic violation ticket. If you fail to clear your traffic violation ticket, your driving license and vehicle registration might get canceled without any notice. Do you have any traffic tickets pending in the state of New Jersey? If the answer is ‘Yes’, keep on reading further. In this article, I’ll be explaining in detail what NJMCdirect is and how you can clear your traffic tickets online without paying any extra charges!

I’m sure anyone would like to clear their traffic tickets without paying any extra fees or surcharges. In a few minutes, I will show you how you can pay and clear your traffic violation ticket without any surplus charges. Also, if you think you have been wrongly accused of a traffic violation, you can plead NOT Guilty in NJMC. You will be claiming yourself as innocent by pleading not guilty in NJMC. The court will forgo your traffic violations and fines if you are able to prove your innocence. I would ask you to keep reading further, I have explained how you can easily plead not guilty in NJMC and provide proof of your innocence.

Before we move on to the process of paying the traffic tickets without any additional charges, let us first get to know more details about the NJMCdirect traffic ticket payment system.


In the age of the digital revolution, filing and clearing government paperwork has never been easier. The NJMCdirect traffic tickets payment portal is exclusively available to residents and commuters of New Jersey. If you have been driving a vehicle in New Jersey, you can clear your traffic tickets online.

The NJMCdirect traffic ticket payment system allows you to clear your traffic tickets online without having to physically go to NJ municipal court. The NJMCdirect system allows you to pay for your traffic tickets from the comfort of your home. The NJMC direct portal allows you to safely and securely pay for your traffic tickets. It is convenient, which saves your time and effort. Would you rather physically go to a crowded courthouse to pay for a traffic ticket or would make use of the internet and clear your traffic ticket within a few minutes? The answer is quite obvious.

Why Pay for Traffic Tickets via NJMCdirect.com

The process of clearing a traffic ticket is quite simple. When an officer assigns you a traffic ticket, you are expected to visit the NJ municipal court to clear your traffic ticket. However, the courthouse is always overcrowded and overflowing with people wanting to clear their traffic tickets. This is where NJMCdirect.com comes into the picture.

Using njmcdirect.com, a commuter of New Jersey can pay for his/her traffic tickets online. Otherwise, you would have to physically appear before a judge at the NJ municipal courthouse to clear your traffic tickets. It saves you a lot of your precious time.

Requirements to Pay NJ Traffic Ticket Online

NJMCdirect is an online portal that allows traffic violators to clear their traffic tickets online. In order to pay for your traffic ticket online, you need to have a few documents and information ready. Having the documents handy allows you to complete the process of paying traffic tickets quickly.

Traffic Ticket

When you are found violating a traffic rule, the officer-in-charge will charge you with a traffic ticket. Depending on the rules you violate, you might be charged with a parking ticket or a traffic ticket. There is a difference between these two tickets. The ticket is extremely important as it is required to pay the fine. The ticket given by the traffic officer will have a Court ID, Ticket Number, and the traffic violation you have made.

License Plate Number

It is not enough to only have your traffic ticket available, you also need to note down your vehicle’s license plate number. It can be found on your Driving license as well as on your commute. The online ticket payment cannot be completed without a license plate number.

Ability to Pay Money Online

To complete the payment process, you will need access to a credit card or a debit card to pay your dues. A Mastercard/Visa/American Express card can be used to pay money online towards NJMCdirect.

Note: The severity of your violations is determined by the officer on the ground who issues you the traffic ticket. Officers explicitly ask the violators to show up in court if the severity of their violation is extreme. If you have been asked to go to court to clear your ticket, you should follow the officer’s advice. Otherwise, if the officer asks you to pay for the traffic ticket online, you can do so easily!

Pay NJMCDIRECT Traffic Ticket Online

In this section, we will be going over the steps to pay for your NJMC traffic ticket online. Follow the steps given below carefully and accurately to complete the process easily without any hassles. Within no time, you will have finished paying for your traffic ticket via the NJMCdirect portal.

  1. On your Desktop Computer or Laptop, launch your preferred web browser.
  2. Go to the official NJMCdirect website located at www.njmcdirect.com
  3. On the NJMCdirect homepage, you will see two options namely Traffic Ticket and Municipal Complaint.
  4. Click on the Traffic Ticket button to pay for your traffic ticket online.
    NJMCdirect traffic ticket
  5. After clicking on the Traffic Ticket button, you will be asked to enter few details.
  6. Fill in the Court ID/Name, Prefix, Ticket Number, and License Plate Number.
  7. Click on the Search button to find your traffic ticket. Once the search process completes, you can either view the ticket or proceed towards the payment process.
  8. Fill in your Credit Card/Debit card details to complete the payment process. Any Mastercard/Visa/American Express card is accepted.

NJMCdirect Hours Of Operation

Although NJMCdirect is an online portal for traffic ticket payments, the Hours of Operation vary every weekday. The reason behind this is simple. The payments done through NJMCdirect are resolved by employees behind the scenes. This is why the hours of operation vary. The service is not available 24/7 as it already has a pre-determined schedule.

  • The NJMCdirect portal is available for payments throughout the week, i.e., from Monday to Sunday.
  • The payment window on Sunday starts usually late as compared to other weekdays.
  • The portal starts accepting payment from Monday to Saturday at the same time at exactly 4:30 AM (EST)
  • The closing hours for each weekday except Monday to Thursday vary accordingly.
  • It is recommended to check out the timings before you proceed to pay for your ticket online.

Check out the image to know the pre-determined schedule of the NJMCdirect payment window.
NJMC ticket paying timing

Benefits Of Using NJMCDIRECT.com

The NJMCdirect.com portal is an online service started by the New Jersey Municipal Court to avoid overcrowding at the court. Thousands of people gather at the courthouse every day to pay for their traffic tickets. If you were to go to the courthouse physically, it would take up a lot of your precious time to pay for your traffic violation. To tackle this issue, NJMCdirect online portal was launched. It helps NJ commuters to pay for their traffic tickets online without having to physically appear in court.

The NJMCdirect.com portal is safe to use and ample security is provided so that you can securely pay your dues through your credit card or debit card. Your personal information is also safeguarded. Only the employees working at the NJ court are able to access your information to carry out their jobs. The personal information of any New Jersey resident is not leaked or given out to anyone! The privacy of every citizen is ensured.

The NJMCdirect portal is a convenient way of paying your dues. The portal empowers you to pay for your traffic violations from the comfort of your home. The transaction is done online so you do not need to physically appear in the courthouse. It saves you a few hours at the cost of a mere $4 convenience charge. The process of paying online as compared to physically going to the courthouse comparatively takes merely 5 minutes to be completed. Whereas physically going to the courthouse to pay for your ticket would take anywhere between 3 to 5 hours.

NJMC Customer Service Contact Details

The New Jersey Municipal Court serves thousands of people daily. There are people who know the exact working of the courthouse whereas there are people who have no clue about what’s happening. If you don’t know how to pay for your tickets or if you have doubts/questions regarding the online payment of your tickets, you can get in touch with the NJMC customer service. They will help you out with your queries.

Telephone Number: 973 284 4945

Fax Number: 973 284 4914

NJMC Office Address: NJMC Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, 228 Chesnutt Street

NJ Courthouse Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM (EST)

It is recommended that you call them before physically visiting the courthouse to know about the functioning of the court. It will make the process of paying your traffic ticket easier.